Glenn CowboyMy newest home on the web. A basic, minimally styled site to collect all of the fragments that are my life, both on- and off-line, as much as is possible. Below are the first several links – this represents maybe one-third of the links I will eventually have on the home page.

Or, just go read my blog posts :)

Welcome, y bienvenidos!





  • Web Development

    Web Development

    I build WordPress and Shopify web sites.

  • Travel


    A few years ago we quit our jobs and began traveling.

  • Genealogy


    I've been the unofficial genealogist for a large branch of the Quaker Dixons for many years now...

  • Motorcycles


    Dixie and I rode our bikes for a little over three years and 20,000 miles. Lots of fun, good friends, crazy times!

  • Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing

    We had a BLAST on rock faces all over Oklahoma and Texas. We'd love to get back out there, someday...

  • Storm Chasing

    Storm Chasing

    On May 28, 1997 I read about the F5 that hit Jarrell, TX and about Lon Curtis 'chasing' it. I was hooked.

  • Cigars and Pipes

    Cigars and Pipes

    I started with pipes, then gravitated to cigars. As it turns out, cigars are less hot and much more convenient.

  • Swing Dancing

    Swing Dancing

    We joined the Swing Dance retro craze at the Sand Castle in 1999. We still Lindy Hop every chance we get.