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Home > Help > Selling & seller fees> Selling with an eBay Shop> Editing and ending You can use My eBay to edit or end listing that appear in your eBay Shop. To edit an item you have already listed: 1. Go to the item you want to edit2. Submit a request Sign in · Help Centre · Selling · SELLING FAQs. Home > Help > Selling & seller fees>Managing your selling activity>Restrictions on revising You can't change a fixed price listing to an auction-style listing.

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Leave as 0 to ensure shipping is always charged for any order value. Due to currency restrictions in some countries you will find that when paying for items with PayPal from sellers based in India, South Africa, Malaysia and Brazil that the amount you are paying will be converted from the local currency into USD. You will be automatically sent the buyers full contact details by email when your listing reaches its end. Click the button to browse your hard drive for the the Zip file. Please ensure that only BMPS, GIFs, JPGs, TIFs and PNGs are included within the zip and the zip file size is less than MB. Submitted products must be legal in the entire target region in order to be accepted. We will work to improve this article.

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This section allows you to add and manage listings, add Listing Variations, renew expired listings, edit listing photos, add info on any production partners You'll also be able to access the Sell on Etsy Help Center and the Seller Handbook. Editing listings – Help on Trade Me, New Zealand's #1 auctions and You can edit your listings through the Items I'm selling page (available from your My. To revise your listing: Go to My eBay > All Selling or Seller Hub > Listings > Active. In the Edit your listing area, make your changes. (Any gray sections can' t be. help sell edit listing.