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How to Remove an Email Account from an iPhone. This wikiHow teaches to you remove email accounts from your iPhone, deleting any data synced to the Mail, A " Profile " page then opens and you will have to tap the red " Delete Profile ". How to Close or Delete Your Email or Social Network Accounts Permanently? GMail or Google+ Profile or Google Account ; Orkut; Facebook; Twitter; LinkedIn. How to Delete an Email Account from the iPhone and iPad. Entire email accounts are very easy to remove from iOS, so whether you . The only way to delete Daily Horoscope email from iPhone is by removing that Profile. A demo video on how to remove a configured email profile in outlook. It is easy, just follow the video. Remove or delete an email account from Outlook Select File. If you're using Outlook , select Tools > Account Settings and skip to step Select Account. To fix the problem, add another profile with a different name or delete the first the Outlook configuration options for email accounts, data files and profiles. 3. how delete email account im profile.


Deleting and Re-Creating a Profile in Outlook 2007 or 2010