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Just days after the Copehagen Zoo killed a young giraffe, a second zoo in the same country could follow suit, CNN reports. The second giraffe. Another healthy giraffe named Marius in another Danish zoo may be euthanized to prevent inbreeding. Some would argue that it is better to euthanize the animal than to send it to . Header image and second image: Masai Giraffe, San Diego Zoo.


Danish Zoo Kills 4 Lions After Feeding Them A Giraffe

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Hide Caption Photos: Photos: Danish zoo kills healthy giraffe Danish zoo kills healthy giraffe — Visitors to the zoo watch as the giraffe is autopsied and butchered. The child recovered from his injuries. Jack Hanna outraged by giraffe slaughter One, Marius, is not deemed useful to the program but is a useful companion to the genetically valuable second giraffe, which is in fact an older brother of the Marius killed in Copenhagen. At Danish zoos, surplus animals are euthanized —and dissected before the public. the zoo in Odense, Denmark's third -largest city—sat at a table in the In , not long after Marius, the giraffe, was shot in Copenhagen. A Danish zoo won't kill a second giraffe in that country, a European a plan to neither move or euthanize any of our giraffes," the zoo wrote on. Could another zoo in Denmark kill a giraffe named Marius?.