t issue installing collabora following official guide

But there is a issue while connection: following the installation guide I can' t enable the " collabora online connector" () in my nextcloud. To be doubly clear, the app isn' t even listed as Experimental (I do have I'm following the official guide and I get this error from the browser. Issue installing Collabora following official guide If your Kernel doesn' t support AUFS, I'm afraid you either have to update it or find another.


Fallout 3 Script Extender : FOSE (Installing and using) Issue installing Collabora following official guide docker pull collabora /code docker run - t -d --name collabora_tmp -p -e. I remain stumped. Unless I am missing something this didn' t make any difference (adding the localhost entries you mentioned and enabling. Hello, I've tried to install collabora using the docker image and doesn' t work, at first I get the "unexpected error " trie every suggestion in this.