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Fixes a problem on Windows XP-based client computers that cannot access shared files Step 1: Install File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks On the General tab, make sure that the Don' t allow exceptions check box is not selected. Windows file sharing often doesn' t work across machines. repair tool that addresses the most common problems with sharing and does the grunt work for you. Windows 10 shares fix I couldn' t acces my folders after upgrading to Windows It would work very I tried this fix and I now have access. t windows shares fix


How to Fix Printer Sharing Error 0x000006d9 Every once in a while I get this annoying problem where I can' t a access my windows shares from other computers on the network, and the only. Lots can go wrong when you're sharing files with Windows. Follow what it says or continue with more troubleshooting if it doesn' t fix or detect the problem. I can' t see their computers in Windows 7 "Networks", so I can' t use file . This person had a problem with File/Print Sharing that was fixed by.